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Wondershare 1-Click PC Care 7.5

Performs a comprehensive checkup of your system and cleans up all errors found
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Wondershare 1-Click PC Care performs a quick and deep analysis of all the sensitive areas in your system looking for weaknesses that may be compromising its safety and stability. It provides you with a thorough and detailed report that will not only give you an excellent overview of your computer’s performance, but will also let you decide which areas require some fixing.

The analysis performed covers three main areas –PC performance, PC stability, and PC security. Besides, you are given an excellent summary of the main features present in your system. When checking your PC’s performance, the program performs both a hardware and a software analysis, letting you know about the amount of junk files present or the number of redundancies found in your Windows registry (if any). When it comes to stability, the program measures the number of registry errors found as well as your network stability. As for your system’s security, both Windows and network security levels are checked, and you are informed about the number of files that may compromise your personal privacy (cookies, traces, etc.).

The level of detail of the information provided is certainly of a high standard, being an excellent combination of your system’s capabilities and the threats and inconsistencies that may be limiting them. Regrettably, the trial version provided only gets you this far, and if you wish to check how good this program is at fixing errors you will need to register your copy.

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  • Performs an excellent initial check-up of all your system's strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides your with a detailed status of your system


  • Trial version does not fix any errors
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